Hi, I’m moving to the Gold Coast.

About me

I’m 23, from New Zealand, and I’ve been in Brisbane for the last four years. I studied computer science at UQ. I have a lovely girlfriend in Brisbane but she won’t be coming with me, so I’ll be visiting her on weekends.

I’m starting a graduate position at IBM in Southport on 8 February 2016. Moving mid-January would be great, but I can be flexible.

I’m hoping to join an existing household or start a new one with 1-2 people.


Somewhere near the north end of Southport - that’s where the office is, and I like walking to work.

What kind of place?

I’m looking to spend about $200/wk. Could be part of a share house, could be an apartment or townhouse. I don’t need a ton of space, but quiet is good.

Two, maybe three people total.

I’ve never lived in an apartment before, that could be fun…

Here’s a few places:


No car, but I might get one for the trips up to Brisbane. I’m okay sharing a bathroom, although an ensuite would be awesome.

I’ve got my own furniture.

I’d want to move in mid-late January. There’s some flexibility.

About you

Hopefully you’ll be clean, respectful of others’ space and happy to hang out and talk about random stuff occasionally. I like big questions that start with “what if?”.

If you just want your space, that’s fine too.

I just want someone who’ll wash up after they’ve finished dinner, you know?


  • I like reading, history, music, and video games.
  • I’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone and Team Fortress 2 lately, with some Kerbal Space Program thrown in.
  • I used to have a car - pretty keen on driving.
  • It’s getting a bit warm for cycling, but in the cooler months I like my bike.
  • A lot of computer stuff, of course. Building infrastructure, parsing text, Vim.
  • Looking forward to living near the beach!

Say hello!

If you’re still reading - come say hi! My contact details are at the bottom of the page. I’d love to hear from you.